I am not a businessman; I am a BUSINESS, man
— Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)

Personal Branding

We are in an age where people’s jobs are not necessarily defined by the company they work for, but by the company they create. For entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners, the most important part of your company and brand is — you.

Personal branding sessions focus on creative portraits that highlight you in your space. Showing off your unique talent or skill and drawing the connection that your clients and customers can relate to. And in a world where people are constantly flipping through pictures on your phone, our personal branding sessions also include the creation of cinemagraphs to help advertise your business through digital media.

Personal branding session typically include:

  • Hair & make-up to prepare you to be confident, display your personality, and engage your clients/customers

  • A location of your choosing (ideally in your space, but in-studio locations can be provided)

  • Portraits which may include detail of you perfect your craft and/or headshots

  • Cinemagraph development and creation which are the ideal way to capture attention in advertising

Best For:

  • Artists

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

Example Session: Sommer Panage

Sommer is an aerial artist in the Bay Area — and happens to be one of my wife’s favorites. She was looking for some shots that express her unique abilities with rope. It was amazing to see some of the amazing things she was able to do!

We went through multiple outfits, each one representing the playful nature of each of her acts.

What are you waiting for?