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easily reverse video in Adobe Photoshop?

Image yourself developing beautiful, engaging cinemagraphs/gifs in Photoshop. It does not have to be frustrating — you can do it easily with KinemaPhoto

How does it work?


KinemaPhoto provides a unique workflow that allows you to take advantage of Photoshop’s abilities to edit video to create moving pictures — cinemagraphs, gifs, and other animations.


01 Trim Clip

First step: Trim your clip to the perfect size with the click of a button.


02 Reveal Motion

Second step: Mask the area where you want to reveal motion


03 Add Loops

third step: add your video loops and easily create fades between loops


04 Reverse Motion

optional step: reverse the motion in your loop (if required), to create your seamless loop


Create living photos in Adobe Photoshop easily with KinemaPhoto

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I have recently got to try the KinemaPhoto cinemagraph extension and really like it! The installation guide was easy to follow and I love the simple and easy to understand interface. The options to create loops look great and I like that I can create a reverse loop with just one click in Photoshop. It’s also very easy to select and mask the still frame and it’s great having the option to adjust the mask. The plugin really helps to save a lot of time and makes creating cinemagraphs super easy! It’s also very easy to export the cinemagraph as a video/gif files with just one click. Though I wish there was an option to export the cinemagraphs as high res.mov files but that’s just my personal preference. Overall I think it’s a great tool to create cinemagraphs with ease and save time in Photoshop.
— Ashraful Arefin

Workflow automation is very important to keep your working time efficient. No matter if you are a beginner or professional: Kinemaphoto helps everybody to create cinemagraphs faster and easier by turning many steps into a single click. Especially the ‘Reverse Motion’ function is incredibly helpful.
— Lydia Dietsch, CEO, Gallereplay

Very nice. The interface is professional and clean, with a simple, workflow-driven process. All the buttons serve a purpose – no fluff.
— Greg B.
Cinemagraph_LydiaDietsch 720 small.gif

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