Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, & the heart go together.
— John Ruskin

Fine Art

A fine art photograph is more than just a photograph. It is an image that is created to invoke an emotion, whether that be joy, happy, solemn or even sadness. And you, you are more than just a person. You are an unique individual that deserves to celebrate the things that make you special.

Fine art is meant to be printed, and the fine art portraits I create are best viewed at a large size. Together, we will develop a fine art concept that we can both be proud to display on our walls.

Fine art sessions typically include:

  • Hair & make-up to compliment the theme of the portrait

  • Outdoors or in-studio

  • Printed portrait(s) to display

Best For:

  • Artists

  • People and families who want portraits for their walls

  • Maternity portraits


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